• Of Georgia's 36.8 million acres of total land area, 66% is forested, the sixth largest percentage among all the states, and twice the national average.
  • Georgia has 23.8 million acres of privately owned forest land, more than any other state.
  • Individuals own 72% of the state's commercial forest land; corporations, 21%; and government, 7%.
  • More than 650,000 Georgians own a combined 72% of the state's commercially forested land.
  • Forestry makes one of the largest contributions to the state's economy...approximately $25 billion.
  • The Georgia forest economy generates 118,000 jobs; employed directly and in industries supporting forest products manufacturing.
  • Timber is Georgia's highest valued agricultural product and one in which it leads the nation.
  • More than eleven percent of Georgia's forest products are sold to foreign markets.
  • In 1988, Georgia set a world record for tree planting...603,000 regenerated acres.
  • More than 42% of Georgia's timberland consists of hardwoods such as oak, maple and sweetgum.
  • The state's coastal plain and piedmont areas are home to most of Georgia's many pines and other softwood species such as cypress and cedar.
  • Georgia is home to more than 2,500 Tree Farms that total nearly three million acres.  
  • Georgia was the first state in the nation to license foresters. Today, the state has more than 1,100 licensed foresters.
  • An estimated 94% of Georgia's commercial forest acreage is in compliance with Best Management Practices (BMPs), which are voluntary guidelines that ensure water and soil quality are protected during forestry operations.
  • An estimated 44 Georgia counties are ranked as critically dependent, very dependent or moderately dependent on the forest products industry in terms of employment
The University of Georgia's study on the value of Georgia's Private Woodlands took an extensive look at the value of Georgia's 22 million acres of privatley owned forestland. According to the study, private forestland in Georgia provides society with non-timber benefits and services worth more than $37.6 billion every year. Make sure to check out the study & PDF brochure for more valuble information. 


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